10 More Favorite Holiday Cookies (this is it on the cookies, I promise)

10 More Favorite Holiday Cookies (this is it on the cookies, I promise)
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Ok, so maybe you're still planning on doing some holiday baking and nothing you've seen lately has yet to do the trick. Maybe you're still looking for some holiday inspiration. So even though I've gone a bit overboard in the baking department over the last few weeks (minus my one crazy-busy and sick as a pup week last week) and shared a whole bunch of wonderful new holiday cookies that I hope you will love as much as we all did who ate (and ate and ate) them, I'm now going to share with you my 10 holiday cookie recipes that would be guaranteed blue ribbon prize winners on any cookie platter. I don't really have just ONE favorite--that would be too hard, like deciding which of my kids I like best...hmmnn, don't want to go there and get myself into trouble. Just suffice it to say, that you can't go wrong with any of these and none of them are too difficult or fussy for you to pull off. Happy Baking!

1.  Sables--simple, classic elegant butter cookies that you can decorate with sanding sugar and make little holiday gems of. Loved by all.

2.  Oatmeal Lace Cookies--buttery, thin, crispy and dipped in chocolate--need I say more?!!

3.  Snowballs--a traditional favorite that not only melts in your mouth but has you licking your fingers to enjoy every drop of that wonderful powdered sugar.

4.  Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies--just so darn good. The almond butter just makes these cookies extraordinary. You won't be able to stop at 1!!!

5.  Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies--chocolate and raspberries, that most perfect of combinations. And then there's the chewiness factor. Yum!! Super easy to make (and eat). These are my middle guy's favorites

6.  Susie's Maple Pecan Thins--fragile and elegant but totally easy to make. Crispy. Made without a mixer. Nut lovers will go ga-ga over them. My mom always does, hence the name.

7.  Chocolate Shape Cookies--because why make them vanilla when they can be chocolate. Fun to do with the kiddies.

8.  Raspberry Chocolate Rugelach--I used to be afraid of making these kinds of cookies but this version is totally doable and so so worth. If you want to make my husband happy, bring him a plate of these down to the basement!

9.  Lemon Cookies--light and airy, I love all things lemon and as it now seems to get fully dark at 4:30 p.m., we can all use a little more sunshine!

10.  Crunchy Jumbles--these are the cookie of my childhood and I can't imagine a perfect cookie list without them. They are so easy to make and so easy to love!!!


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